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You have completed the first part of our program which included Enriched Air Nitrox, so you could say longer, Perfect Buoyancy so you're trim and balanced in the water, and Underwater Navigation, so you can get there back again with ease.

Now let's complete your training and add to your adventures. SSI Deep Diver and SSI Stress and Rescue Specialty! The knowledge and skills you develop during these courses will give you the comfort level to dive deep and to competently assist your buddy (or help yourself) in an emergency situation. Come Learn And Dive With Us

What I Get In The Course
  • Complete the SSI online Knowledge Development. We will do course review and learn the procedures for safely diving deep and procedures for handling emergency situations. More importantly, we'll teach you steps to help prevent an emergency before they occur.
  • Course materials and books
  • 3 Open Water Deep Dives plus 3 Stress and Rescue Pool Scenarios and 3 Stress and Rescue Scenarios
Quarry Passes OR Go on a trip with us and complete this program some place warm and wonderful

  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • SSI Open Water Diver certified (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  • Completed Virginia Scuba What's Next Program. Or the equivalent SSI Specialties.
  • Prior to any water sessions return completed the Medical Statement and have physician approval for diving, if needed

Course Materials
  • SSI Deep Diver Specialty
  • SSI Stress and Rescue Specialty

Equipment Needed
  • Total Snorkeling System (mask, snorkel, fins with appropriate Total Exposure (protection) System)
  • Total Diving System
  • Tanks and Weights provided (Nitrox fills included if you have completed our What's Next Program)

  • $500.00


Besides getting a Certification card for each specialty you complete. By completing two of the above specialties and having 12 total dives logged you have achieved the rating of SPECIALTY DIVER. SSI will send you, for free, your SPECIALTY DIVER card.

IF you have completed our WHAT'S NEXT PROGRAM, at the completion of the WHAT'S NEXT DEEP PROGRAM you will have a TOTAL of FIVE Specialties. With SSI once you complete FOUR Specialties and have a total of 24 total dives logged you have achieved your ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER. SSI will send you, for free, your ADVANCED OPEN WATER card.

What's Next?!
Well you are an accomplished diver now, by completing both the What's Next and What's Next Deep. What's Next for you - GO DIVING! 

Join our DIVE CLUB on one of their many outings. Check out our Travel Page to join us on our adventure to dive the world and all the places we can enjoy the dive life!

Oh yeah, now that you have completed 4 specialty courses and Diver Stress & Rescue, just log a total of 50 dives, SSI will send you, for free, your Master Diver Card. Direct from SSI's website: "SSI’s Master Diver rating is one of the most elite ratings in diving today. Divers that have completed this level have the combined knowledge, skills and experience to truly call themselves Master Divers."
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