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Recreational Training

The First Time You Breathe Underwater...

...will be one of the most exciting moments of your life! You'll be able to explore 2/3 of the world that some people never get to see.

So..What is Involved?

Depending on the course you choose to take, the requirements for completion vary. Most courses require a combination of class work, pool training, and dives in a practical dive environment.

Students who participate in entry level training will spend approximately 6 days learning to dive. You will complete the online portion of you course through the SSI website. There will then be 2 days of classroom training, followed by 2 days of pool training, and finishing with 2 days of training at an open water location. Please see our calendar for course dates.
Additionally, other classes have varying requirements for successful the shop today for more info.

And How About Gear?

Virginia Scuba offers a full line of equipment for purchase or rental.
Open Water and other beginner classes require each    student to provide their own Personal Snorkeling System. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you get the equipment you need to carry you through your diving career. In our entry level course, you will have the opportunity to dive more than one gear configuration during your pool training. Your life support equipment will be provided for your pool training. Being able to dive different configurations will allow you a better knowledge base when purchasing your Total Diving System.

Technical divers will need to provide special equipment for their classes. To help you plan for the equipment needs of your technical class we have a full line of technical equipment including twin tanks and rebreathers in our rental equipment.

What Does It Cost?

The costs for certification, obviously, vary with the course but Virginia Scuba understands your desire to get the absolute best training possible at the best price. Remember, when looking at courses that the level of training you receive will make you a safer diver, and entry level diving instruction is teaching you to survive underwater. Don't be lured in by discount classes with discounted safety!
Divers looking to get their basic Open Water certification can schedule a Personal Orientation by clicking here or by calling us at 703-369-0098.

Advanced divers can expect the same value from their instruction. We are extremely proud of the caliber of diver we produce at all levels of certification.

For more information about the price of your course, please visit the class specific page.

Still have questions?

You can ask your questions through our Contact Us page or give us a call during normal business hours at 703-369-0098!
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