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Virginia Scuba Equipment Services

Tank Fills
We offer a one of a kind, exclusive resort class catering service to our customers. Back your vehicle in, we will unload your tanks without you having to get wet or unload them.
  • We fill: Air, Nitrox, Pure Oxygen, Rebreathers Fills, Custom Blends including Trimix.
  • We can boost all inert gases to over 300bar (~4350psi)

Tank Fill Rates
**All rates are per cubic foot
  • Air Fill - $0.10 per cf
  • Nitrox Fill - $0.15 per cf
  • Helium - $1.00 per cf
  • Oxygen - $0.50 per cf
Remember, if your tanks are not O2 clean we will not fill them with O2!
Please bring your certification card for the fill you are looking for & Virginia Scuba reserves the right to deny a fill for any reason.

Equipment Rentals
Virginia Scuba has one of the largest collections of high quality rental equipment for divers to use during or after training. Most of our regulator consoles include an Air/ Nitrox dive computer, we have a full line of technical equipment, and virtually every tank size available to cater to your diving needs.

Rental Rates
  • AIR Tanks - $15.00 per tank per day (includes fill)
  • NITROX Tanks - $15.00 per tank per day (not including fill)
  • TWIN Tanks - $30.00 per day (includes air fill, other gases extra)
  • Complete Regulator Set w/ Nitrox ready Dive Computer - $25.00 per day
  • BCD (Weight Integrated) - $15.00 per day
  • Halcyon DIR backplate and wing system - $25.00 per day (single and twin tank wings available)
  • One Piece 7mm Wetsuit - $15.00 per day
  • Hood - $5.00 per day
Contact Us
  •  (703) 369-0098
  •  6884 Wellington Rd
       Manassas, VA 20109
  •  Mon: 12-7| Tues/Wed: Closed   Thur/Fri: 12-7 | Sat:12-6 | Sun:12-5