Don't just learn to dive, BECOME A DIVER

Does your daily routine feel like a never ending cycle from which you can't break free?  Virginia Scuba will help you out of the daily rut and start living the life you deserve.  Our four step program is designed to guide you to the lifestyle most people only dream of living.

Virginia Scuba's Four Step Program

1.  Get your customized plan for success

2.  Become a diver                                   
3.  Get the necessary gear                       
4.  Start Livin' the Dive Life                               
Any scuba instructor anywhere can teach you scuba lessons, we want you to see how scuba diving can change your life.  Don't look back and regret what you didn't do, experience the Virginia Scuba difference, today!




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On Saturday March 31, 2018 we will return to our Summer Schedule as follows:
Monday-  12PM- 8PM                                    Friday- 12PM- 8PM
Tuesday- 12PM- 8PM                                    Saturday- 10AM- 6PM
Wednesday- Closed                                       Sunday- 10AM- 5PM
Thursday- 12PM- 8PM

Card Printer Is Down

We are sending our card printer in for warranty work.  If you have a certification card pending, fear not, go to your MySSI phone app and all your certifications are there, if you need them.  For folks waiting for their Virginia Dive Club cards, we have club members in our POS system, so no worries there.  Once the printer returns we'll catch up on all the cards that need printed.

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